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01 | Seat covering with solid wood planks (oiled exotic essence) dimensions 16x6x200 cm
02 | Backrest position to complete seat
03 | Planter in galvanized steel according to standards EN UNI 10142, size diameter 80 cm and height 80 cm (height 43 for Chinotto trees) painted RAL as chosen by the D.L. (a different color for every essence)
04 | Chinotto di Savona trees (Citrus Myrtifolia) trunk circumference not less than 12 cm, foliage 80 in a pot covered with 5 cm of resinous bark or colored lapillus

05 | Corsican cedar trunk circumference not less than 14 cm, in a pot with a 5 cm covering of resinous bark or colored lapilli
06 | Structure in hot-dip galvanized steel distance between the transverse profiles 43 cm
07 | Galvanized steel plate for fixing boards
08 | 4*4 cm profile in galvanized steel for fixing boards


The project, in addition to the planting of 16 plants of citrus fruits in pots, also consists in the installation of seats in wood, a railing and new lighting.


multifunctional isle

This multifunctional island is a system of seats and planters that can be custom made, or modular thanks to independent modules. The plan drawing has non-parallel sides that outline irregular but well-balanced volumes.

These characteristic lines streamline the resulting shape and encourage a dynamic approach.


furnishing system

The Living Lab is a furniture system “to be experienced”, made to order and consists of a platform on which one can sit in a conventional way or relax comfortably leaning against backrests with different inclinations.

The trees and flowers are an integral part of the structure, made of hot-galvanized steel tubing and covered in panels of exotic wood slats (wpc technical wood on request); the integrated planters are in hot-dip galvanized steel.

The Living Lab furnishing system is equipped with drip irrigation and LED lighting at the base.

The hardware is in stainless steel.


The protagonists of the garden are seven citrus fruits: the Chinotto of Savona, the Pernambucco Orange of Finale Ligure for the Liguria region; citrus fruits from the island of Elba for Tuscany; the Pompia for Sardinia, the Citron, the Clementine and the Corsican Pomelo to represent Corsica.

The colored planters are made of hot-dip galvanized steel and powder coated for marine environment.



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